3Pcs Double-Head Silicone Spatula Reusable Lengthened Deep Bottle Scraper Last Drop Scoop Cream Cosmetic Spoon Face Mask Brush

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Handle Color: 24
Ships From: CHINA


Name: Double head mini scraper

Material: silicone iron

Size: as shown in the figure

Use: Scrape jar jam, skin care products, such as bottle wall


Silicone material, can be directly in contact with food, ease of use;

Soft silicone, bending for a long time is not easy to deform;

Suitable for long handle, convenient in-depth narrow bottle scraping items;

Scraper scraping spoon double-head design, convenient scraping is not easy to fall;

A variety of colors and sizes are available for you to choose from to fully meet your needs.

Package Included:

1 * silicone scraping spoon


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