Namste 100ml New Essential Oils for Humidifier Diffuser My Way Perfume Home Fragrance Electric Aromatic Oasis Air Freshener

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Color: Wishing wizard
Ships From: CHINA
Fragrance: 100ML
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1.Pure Plant Extrat Essential Oil
2.8x concentrated essential oils, No additives, No Fillers. Committed to providing high-quality fragrance products
3.Aluminum bottle packaging to prevent damage and leakage caused by transportation
4.Suitable for humidifier, aroma diffuser, home fragrance, car aroma diffuser, oil burner

1.Fresh the air
2.Repel odor
3.Soothe the mood
4.Commercial scent marketing

1. This is Aroma Diffuser machine essential oil, not a body essential oil. Do not use it directly on the body.
2. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
3. Properly store essential oils and carrier oils to prevent degradation and rancidity.
4. Due to the high concentration, if you want to dilute, please contact us to provide you with the correct dilution method. (Adding water is the wrong way, don't try)