Matte Glitter Liquid Lipsticks Diamond Shiny Lip Gloss Waterproof Long Lasting Pearl Lipgloss Women Lip Tint Makeup Maquillaje

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Color: 15

This highly pigmented liquid lipstick can be used smoothly, lasts up to 16 hours, and offers a variety of super saturated shades, from nude to classic red lipsticks
Apply directly to the lips with a lip brush. After the lip gloss is completely dry for 2 minutes, squeeze the lips to make the initial matte gradually turn into a sparkling diamond pearl lip makeup.
Does not remove makeup easily. Enriched with chamomile and soy extracts, it can bring moist, shiny, and soft lips.
Easy to apply and easy to remove with lip cleansing oil. No need to worry about pigmentation.
Natural and safe ingredients
Silky texture creates shiny sexy lips
Portable and easy to use

Brand: pudaier
Category: Lip Gloss
Shelf life: three years
Production date: in the near future
Ingredients: candle wax, chamomile extract, soybean extract, etc.
Size: 2cm x 2cm x 11.5cm
quantity: 1

Package includes: 1x shiny lip gloss