Magic Smooth Silky Face Makeup Primer Invisible Pore Wrinkle Cover Concealer Foundation Base 100% Amazing Effect MAYCHEER CREAM

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Color: 15ml
Magic Smooth Silky Face Skin Makeup Primer Invisible Pore Wrinkle Cover Concealer Use before foundation 100% Amazing Effect
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Makeup Primer, invisible pores, smooth fine lines Make makeup look more Long Lasting
Can prolong the makeup effect, make the skin after makeup look more exquisite and smooth, help you accuse oil moisturizing extend makeup effect, also can help you isolate cosmetics to skin damage
Features:Smooth pores and faint lines
Production license:XK16-1083573
1.can be used after makeup or used as  facial toner.
2.For the convenience of painting, it is recommended to rub the cream at the fingertips evenly


3.Can choose the whole face painting,Gently rub on the face, apply a thin layer 
4.Can also be applied locally,Fill Pores and wrinkles

Package include:
1pc concealer base cream