Embossed Feather Soft Honey Powder Cake Light Delicate Concealer Oil Control Makeup Invisible Pores Long Lasting Face Makeup

REA-pris€6,72 EUR

Color: 02 Ivory
1. Watery Makeup :
The reason why it is called a photosensitive powder is because it can "change color"! It contains a photosensitive factor, which can adjust the color according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays, so that your makeup will appear HIN harmonious in each light and reject false white.

2. Soft focus pores
Spherical plate-like structure natural mineral powder, delicate and sticky, soft focus pore treatment

3. Light mist makeup effect
Multi-angle spherical particle scattering, creating a light mist and semi-matte makeup effect

4. Docile upgrade
Innovative makeup lock factor, making the base makeup more sticky and not easy to take off

5. Antioxidant upgrade
Add a variety of essential ingredients to improve the oxidative dullness of the base makeup and maintain a fresh look

6. Moisturizing power upgrade
Add jojoba oil to reduce dryness, make the base makeup more delicate, get rid of greasy feeling, refreshing and no burden

1. Hydrophobic film-forming properties
Forms a waterproof protective film without any stickiness and greasy feeling after application to the skin
Reduces makeup oxidation and stripping caused by sweat and sebum
Bright and fresh makeup anytime, anywhere

2. Oil control 8 hours moisturizing protection
The oil can be controlled for 8 hours, and the oily skin can also set the makeup for about 5 hours without wiping the makeup, and the color will not fade when washed with water.

3. Hide pores and brighten dullness
Contains large and small powder particles and micro-shine factor, can even out skin tone, brighten dullness, hide pores

4. Evenly and docile, long-lasting makeup
Makes you flawless all day
Using the liquid powder process, after a number of meticulous processes, the production of powder is completed with ingenuity.
The amazing spreadability allows the soft powder to adhere closely to the skin, forming a feather-light protective film, which makes the skin feel
Soft and smooth, refreshing for a long time, oily skin is not easy to take off makeup 

jojoba oil
Rich in Vitamin D
and protein
Maintain skin moisture

Strong affinity and effective
Forms a natural skin barrier
protect skin

Vitamin E
Soothing Repair
Enhance skin

Colors to choose:
Three Colors Optional
01# Ivory White
Suitable for fair skin and brighten skin tone
02# Natural Color
Suitable for natural skin tone or soft warm tone
03# Clear White
Suitable for all kinds of skin color, create transparent nude makeup.
Choose the color most close to your own skin tone.

Use for dry:
Suitable for touch-up makeup
Apply powder directly to face with a powder puff.
Use for wet:
Suitable for base makeup
Use the wet powder puff dip take powder daub on the face.
【Please tear the protective film of the mirror before using the powder.】

pinkyFocus smile bear light feather powder cake set makeup lasting concealer loose powder biscuit skin oil is not easy to remove makeup honey

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