Glitter Matte Temperature Change Lipstick Waterproof Long Lasting Diamonds Lipsticks Non Stick Red Pink Lip Tint Makeup Cosmetic

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Color: 03
Starry sky jelly lipstick non-stick cup, temperature change lipstick
It does not dry to a sticky surface or matte effect and touch. It is suitable for moisturizing and softening lips.
Long service life, waterproof, ensure all-day use, will not stick to the cup. Lightweight formula, lasts for hours on lips.
How to use: Apply lipstick to the center of the upper lip and follow the contour of the mouth. Apply lipstick to the lower lip.

Name: Bright starry sky shiny lipstick
Net content: 3.5g
Size: about 2.5×2.5×8 (cm)
Ingredients: Vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide, isopropanol, etc.
Production date: latest
Shelf life: 3 years
quantity: 1

Package contains: 1*lipstick